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Flexibility: Outstanding creative freedom

Whether light, French or dark roast, with the RDRF, you can master the entire roasting spectrum at any time. The bypass in the hot-air feed enables you to flexibly guide hot air into the product. Portions of hot air can be fed past the drum to roast special profiles. This means, for example, that no disturbing residual heat prevents the regulation of the roasting process. At the same time, the volume of exhaust air to be treated is reduced. You can operate the roaster in a recirculating, partially recirculating or non-recirculating manner. All drives that influence the roasting process can be individually regulated in line with your recipes. There are no limits on your creativity.

Cooling: Fast and Gentle

The RDRF’s cooler provides a highly-efficient mode of action: the guided and even cooling air distribution on the cooler filter surface cools the roasted coffee quickly and efficiently. The cooler is kind on the product as the roasted coffee barely moves. The stepless regulation of supply and exhaust air reduces the cooling time and the amount of exhaust air.

Design: Clean and Clever

The innovative full cladding on the RDRF series provides a safe and clean machine environment. The RDRF is easy to clean, especially as a result of the large cleaning hatches.If necessary, the cooler’s stainless steel design also makes wet cleaning possible. The RDRF is therefore perfect for roasters that meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the food industry. The use of high grade materials and the RDRF’s excellent production quality ensure its long service life and high level of availability.


Technical data

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