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The advantages of drum roasting improved and united in one machine: The DR series is your solution for cost-efficient state-of-the-art roasting. The DR is designed for the needs of large-scale roasting companies, ambitious newcomers as well as gourmet roasteries. Our solid technical layout combined with an innovative heating system is designed for maximum of performance including the flexibility of modern roasting processes.

Drum roasting: Simple and flexible

The DR (=Drum Roaster) unites the drum roasting principle with an innovative heating system that makes it applicable for all purposes. While the DR is a common drum roaster from the outside it contains various features that ordinary drum roasters don´t have.

The bypass in the hot-air feed enables you to flexibly guide hot air into the product. Portions of hot air can be fed past the drum to roast special profiles. This means, for example, that no disturbing residual heat prevents the regulation of the roasting process. At the same time, the volume of exhaust air to be treated is reduced. You can operate the roaster in a recirculating, partially recirculating or non-recirculating manner which gives you all options for targeted roast degree development. Based on our customers´ experiences we developed the DR as cost-efficient instrument for a very flexible usage.

Design: Functionality for a long service life

The solid design of the DR offers you the full functionality of a modern drum roaster. High grade materials and an excellent production quality ensure a long service life and a high level of availability of the DR. A safe and easy access to all components that are subject to maintenance and inspection is another main characteristic of this roaster.


Technical data

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