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The RCRF (Roaster, Continuous, Recirculation, Flexible) is the ideal roaster for large-scale roasting. The continuous process allows cost-effective roasting with consistent quality. Several hot air conduction options enable you to flexibly create the desired aroma and flavour.

Volume production: smooth and reliable

The RCRF combines efficient volume production with convenient fully automated operation. Continual filling with small batches enables continuous operation with no stops and a high output. With a performance range of 2.000 kg/h to 4.000 kg/h, the RCRF is ideal for energy-conscious large scale productions.

Consistent and accurate roasts

Even with lower quality green coffee, consistent results are still delivered, which also makes it an excellent tool for instant coffee production. If the product quality fluctuates, you can still roast reliably and evenly because each batch is weighed before it is poured in. Different green coffee densities can therefore be balanced out. All drives that influence the roasting process can be individually regulated in line with your recipes.

The roasting and cooling units are separated from each other. Moreover we implemented an external quencher so that the quenching and cooling process do not influence the roast process. By these means the RCRF gives you maximum control over the roasting results.


Technical data

technische zeichung rdrf front

technische zeichung rdrf vogel

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